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Soap Opera at FIFA-Strasse - Sport Executive

Soap Opera at FIFA-Strasse

Could Francois Carrard be the man to reform FIFA? Or is the reform committee only strong on platitudes? You will get the answer on 26 February 2016.

Soap Opera at FIFA-Strasse
Photo: All Over Press

“This man has been unfairly treated. And if we talk about corruption… I have the whole U.S. proceedings on my table. In the indictment, there is not one word against him (Sepp Blatter, ed.). Nothing.”
These words came out of Francois Carrard’s mouth in the Swiss newspaper La Matin Dimanche.
And the Swiss lawyer, former director general of the International Olympic Committee and now appointed to lead FIFA’s Reform Commission, continues: “The world football’s crisis only involved a few rogues.”
This is the man who shall fight decades of corruption, nepotism, sexism, homophobia and human abuse in the world of football!
He is the independent chair of FIFA’s 13-person reform committee. The rest come from the continental federations…
The committee held its first meeting 2-3 September in Berne where they – according to Francois Carrard -  enjoyed two days of “intense and fruitful” discussions. But any insight into what had been discussed? No.
“We are not at the stage of the proposals, we have covered, studied, reviewed and exchanged opinions on all areas,” Francois Carrard states – according to international media.


However Carrard will have to offer a preliminary update on potential reforms to the FIFA Executive Committee at its meeting on 24-25 September. And the final proposals to the FIFA Congress on 26 February 2016 in Zürich.
Whether it will be pure cosmetics or real reforms we don’t know? But according to experts there is no sign on the horizon for reforms in FIFA. The committee is too dependent on Sepp Blatter and the old boys’ network. According to Transparency International (IT), a global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption worldwide, an independent panel of stakeholders rather than FIFA itself should be responsible for a clean-up in the scandal-ridden organisation. But that is not going to happen…


Instead you have to let the clean and honest Sepp Blatter lead the way towards an extraordinary congress on 26 February 2016. The man in charge of FIFA since 1981 as a general secretary and president…
The next meeting of the 2016 FIFA Reform Committee is scheduled to be held on 16-18 October in Berne. And in Berne, yes, so the 2016 FIFA Reform Committee can be independent of FIFA…




Chairman: Francois Carrard.

Members: Ahmad Al-Sabah (AFC), Alasdair Bell (UEFA), Sarai Bareman (OFC), Mai Chen (OFC), Samir Gandhi (Concacaf), Kevan Gosper (AFC), Gianni Infantino (UEFA), Victor Montagliani (Concacaf), Hany Abo Rida (CAF), Constant Selemani (CAF), Wilmar Valdez (Conmebol) and Gorka Villar (Conmebol).