Please understand we cannot provide further details for the time-being

Child labour worries FIFA. For the time-being at their mind in 283 days.

Please understand we cannot provide further details for the time-being
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On 30 December 2014 the Court of Arbitration for Sport, CAS, announced that it had found FC Barcelona to be in breach of Article 19 of “FIFA’s regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players”. The club was given “90 days in which to regularise the situation of all minor players concerned.” 283 days has gone since then.


But FC Barcelona are still in breach of Article 19 of “FIFA’s regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players”. For example on 20 August 2015 when Matias Lacava from Venezuela and Fode Fofana from the Netherlands were banned from FC Barcelona’s academy, La Masia. Both minors playing at La Masia in breach of Article 19. Sport Executive has on several occasions asked FIFA about child labour in international football, especially in southern Europe. Now Sport Executive has got a new answer.

We know nothing

“In August 2015 FIFA banned Matias Lacava, Venezuela, and Fode Fofana, Netherlands, from playing for FC Barcelona! How come FIFA had to wait until August 2015 to register those 2 players – playing in breach of “FIFA’s Rules on Minors”?”
“According to the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, subsequently confirmed by the Appeal Committee and CAS, FC Barcelona was provided with a certain deadline to regularise the situation of all minors (and not only the ones concerned by the decision) present at the club and who were registered with the club in contravention of the relevant provisions of the FIFA Regulations,” a FIFA spokesperson says to Sport Executive and continues:
“For players below the age of 18, every international transfer or every first registration in a country different to his nationality (if never previously registered to any other club) is subject to the approval of the Sub-Committee appointed by the FIFA Player’s Status Committee for that purpose. In this respect, until the competent body authorizes the registration of the minor with FC Barcelona, the prohibition to participate in organised football remains applicable.”


“The regularisation process is on-going and several requests recently submitted to the Sub-Committee by the RFEF on behalf of its affiliated club are currently under analysis. As this process is ongoing, please understand we cannot provide further details for the time-being.”
“In January FIFA launched an inquiry in some other Spanish clubs in breach of ‘FIFA’s Rules on Minors’. Now it is October – how is this inquiry moving forward – and when are FIFA going to make a decision in this matter?”
“In relation to any other clubs, as communicated previously, we are not in a position to comment on any investigations that are ongoing so as not to compromise the process, nor do we provide any comments as to whether or not any investigations are underway,” the anonymous spokesperson tells Sport Executive.


And the clubs are still buying and selling children…