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The roof is on fire

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England and Germany are the driving forces of growth in European professional football, where the “big five” leagues have now passed the magical revenue milestone of 10 billion euro. In fact, the “big five” generated a turnover of over 11 billion euro in 2013/14, which almost doubled the revenue they earned in 2003/04. Læs mere »

Children are something you sell

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An arms race is going on in the football world. Increased competition in the market is forcing clubs and investors to search for even younger talents for their junior academies. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are only the tip of the iceberg in an industry that is trading children. Læs mere »

It’s just a game

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European Games starts today: Europe salutes its athletes in June at the first European Games - salutes in the shadow of the crackdown of human rights defenders in Azerbaijan. Læs mere »

Work til you faint

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The giants of the sporting goods are outsourcing their production to Asia – to nations with low wages and poor working conditions. While we shop til we drop to buy their products, people in countries like Cambodia are working til they drop to make them. Welcome to the land of poverty. Læs mere »